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This form allows TCDB users to submit their own sequenced proteins and descriptions for inclusion into the database. When you submit a sequence, it will be reviewed before it is added to the database.
If you have information related to multiple transport families, then you should fill out this form multiple times.
The form is divided into sections, e.g. user information, protein information, transport system information, etc. If you have information relating to a multicomponent transport system, you may add as many “protein information” sections as you like. There is a button below the last protein section to add more.
When you enter certain data, some information can be imported automatically by clicking the corresponding Update Form button. If these data are available, they will automatically appear in the appropriate text boxes.
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Substrate binding constants (affinity for substrates):
Mode of energy coupling:
Polarity (transport direction):
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 If you have information about more proteins that are associated with this transport family, you may create another section on this form for it.
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Transporter Information

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Reference Information

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