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1.A.100 The Rhabdoviridae Putative Viroporin, U5 (RV-U5) Family 

Viruses belonging to the family Rhabdoviridae infect a variety of different hosts including insects, vertebrates and plants. There are over 200 rhabdoviruses isolated around the world.  The complete genome sequence and predicted transcription strategy of Wongabel virus (WONV), a  rhabdovirus isolated from biting midges (Culicoides austropalpalis) is available. The 13,196 nucleotide genome encodes five typical rhabdovirus genes N, P, M, G and L, plus three genes located between the P and M genes (U1, U2, U3) and two overlapping the N and G genes (U4, U5). The U5 gene product has characteristics typical of viroporins with structural similarities with the alpha-1 protein (putative viroporin) of viruses in the genus Ephemerovirus, and similarity with the avian-associated Flanders virus has been noted (Gubala et al. 2008).

References associated with 1.A.100 family:

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