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The Matrix protein BM2 (Pielak and Chou, 2010).  The solution structure for the channel domain of 33 aas is known (PDB# 2KIK) (Wang et al. 2009).  Transports H+ and K+ (Hyser and Estes 2015).

BM2 influenza virus type B

Influenza Am2-Bm2 Chimeric Channel of 35 aas with 1 TMS. This hybrid sequence is RSNDSSDPLVVAASIIGILHFIAWTIGHLNQIKRG with the N-terminus derived from AM2 and the C-terminus derived from BM2 (PDB# 2KIK) (Pielak et al. 2011).
Chimeric AM2-BM2 35 aa peptide of A- and B-type Influenza viruses