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1.B.83.  The Alpha-Aminoxy Acid Channel (AAAC) Family 

Chemists have developed peptidomimetic foldamers, unnatural oligomeric molecules that fold into rigid and well-defined secondary structures, mimicking the structures and biological functions of these natural peptides. Li et al. 2008 designed peptidomimetic foldamers that give predictable, backbone-controlled secondary structures, irrespective of the nature of the side chains.  α-aminoxy acid units were used to construct a synthetic Cl- channel that mediates the passage of Cl- ions across cell membranes (Li et al. 2008).

References associated with 1.B.83 family:

Li, X., Y.D. Wu, and D. Yang. (2008). Alpha-aminoxy acids: new possibilities from foldamers to anion receptors and channels. Acc Chem Res 41: 1428-1438. 18785763