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Major prion protein precursor PrP (yielding peptide PrP[106-126])
PrP of Ovis aries

Major prion protein, PrP or PRNP, of 253 aas and 3 possible TMSs, N-terminal, middle, and C-terminal. Its primary physiological function is unclear. It has cytoprotective activity against internal or environmental stresses and may play a role in neuronal development and synaptic plasticity. May be required for neuronal myelin sheath maintenance, but may play a role in iron uptake and iron homeostasis. Soluble oligomers are toxic to cultured neuroblastoma cells and induce apoptosis (Mani et al. 2003; Taylor et al. 2009; Wu et al. 2010).  The mouse orthologue (P04925), particularly the A116V mutant, forms ion channels in lipid membranes (Sabareesan et al. 2016).

PrP of Homo sapiens

Prion protein of 497 aas and 3 TMSs

Prion protein of Paralichthys olivaceus (Bastard halibut) (Hippoglossus olivaceus)

Prion-like protein, Doppel (PRND) of 176 aas and 2 TMSs

Doppel of Homo sapiens

Shadow of prion protein, SPRN or SHO, of 151 aas and 3 TMSs

SPRN of Homo sapiens