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Statherin (isoform a) precursor; inhibits precipitation of CaPO4H salts (secreted by parotid and submandibular glands)

Accession Number:P02808
Protein Name:Statherin aka STATH
Molecular Weight:7304.00
Species:Homo sapiens (Human) [9606]
Number of TMSs:1
Location1 / Topology2 / Orientation3: Secreted1
Substrate ATP

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Genevestigator: P02808
RefSeq: NP_001009181.1    NP_003145.1   
Entrez Gene ID: 6779   
Pfam: PF03875   
OMIM: 184470  gene
KEGG: hsa:6779   

Gene Ontology

GO:0005576 C:extracellular region
GO:0030197 F:extracellular matrix constituent, lubricant...
GO:0046848 F:hydroxyapatite binding
GO:0005515 F:protein binding
GO:0030345 F:structural constituent of tooth enamel
GO:0031214 P:biomineral formation
GO:0030502 P:negative regulation of bone mineralization
GO:0001503 P:ossification
GO:0046541 P:saliva secretion

References (8)

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[2] “Human submandibular gland statherin and basic histidine-rich peptide are encoded by highly abundant mRNA's derived from a common ancestral sequence.”  Dickinson   3426601
[3] “Structure and sequence determination of the gene encoding human salivary statherin.”  Sabatini   2373369
[4] “Complete sequencing and characterization of 21,243 full-length human cDNAs.”  Ota   14702039
[5] “The status, quality, and expansion of the NIH full-length cDNA project: the Mammalian Gene Collection (MGC).”  The MGC Project   15489334
[6] “Complete covalent structure of statherin, a tyrosine-rich acidic peptide which inhibits calcium phosphate precipitation from human parotid saliva.”  Schlesinger   838735
[7] “Molecular basis of salivary proline-rich protein and peptide synthesis: cell-free translations and processing of human and macaque statherin mRNAs and partial amino acid sequence of their signal peptides.”  Oppenheim   3476566
[8] “HPLC-MS characterization of cyclo-statherin Q-37, a specific cyclization product of human salivary statherin generated by transglutaminase 2.”  Cabras   17313100

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