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The rotavirus A membrane fusion protein complex including VP5 and 8, derived by proteolysis of VP4, as well as VP7, VP6 and VP2.  VP5, 8 and 7 may play primary roles while VP6 and 2 play secondary roles (Gilbert and Greenberg 1998; Golantsova et al. 2004; Settembre et al. 2011; Elaid et al. 2014).  These proteins from different viral strains may be very divergent in sequence. 

Fusion complex of rotavirus A
VP4 (776 aas; P12473) cleaved to VP5 (486 aas; Q88301) and VP8 (247 aas; Q86512)
VP7 (326 aas; 2 N-terminal TMSs; Q8AZ15)
VP6 (397 aas; M1KB04)
VP2 (894 aas; M1KTL8)