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DNA/protein translocase of phage Salmonella phage P22 consisting of gp7, gp20, gp16 and gp26 (Perez et al., 2009). A homologue of gp20 in the phage Sf6 of S. flexneri, gp12, forms a decameric constricted channel though the outer member of the bacterium (Zhao et al. 2016). The other two recognized constituents of the Sf6 phage injectisome are gp11 (like gp7 of phage P22) and gp13 (like gp16 of phage P22).

DNA/protein translocase of phage P22
gp7 (Q01074) DNA transfer protein of the injectisome
gp16 (Q01146) DNA/protein translocase of the injectisome
gp20 (Q01076) Lytic transglycosylase of the injectisome
gp26 (Q35837) Tail Needle protein

Injectisome of enterbacteriia phage IME_EC2 with three comoponents.

Injectisome of enterbacteriia phage IME_EC2 with three comoponents
1, 220 aas, AGZ17820
2, 280 aas, AGZ17819
3, 161 aas, AGZ17818