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Membrane Contact Site (MCS).  Functions include lipid and ion transport between organelles as well as organelle positioning and division (Wu et al. 2018).
Constituents include:
Seipin, 398 aas and 2 - 4 TMSs, Q96G97;
Protrudin, 411 aas and 4 - 5 TMSs, Q5T4F4
Spastin (SPAST, ADPSP, FSP2, SPG4), 616 aas, 1 N-terminal TMS, Q9UBP0
Vesicle-associated membrane protein-associated protein A, (VAPA, VAP33). 249 aas, 1 C-terninal TMS, a member of TC family 9.B.17), Q9P0L0
Vesicle-associated membane protein associated, VAPB/C (see TC 9.B.17.1.1), 243 aas and 1 C-terminal TMS, O95292.
Dynamin 2 (Dyn2, Dnm2) GTPase, 870 aas, 1 TMS, see TC# 8.A.34.1.4, P50570
Mitofusin 2 (Mfn2, CPRP1) GTPase, 757 aas, 0 - 2 TMSs, (see TC# 1.N.6.1.2), O95140
Acyl-CoA binding domain-containing protein 5, ACBD5, 534 aas, 1 C-terminal TMS, Q5T8D3The heptad repeat domain 1 of Mitofusin has membrane destabilization function in mitochondrial fusion (Daste et al. 2018).

Membrane contact site (MCS) of Homo sapiens