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The pullulanase secretion system
PulC-O and PulS of Klebsiella pneumoniae

The pilin secretion/fimbrial assembly system. The PilB and PilT ATPases act antagonistically in Type IV pilus function in Myxococcus xanthus. ATP binding and hydrolysis by PilT are essential for T4P extension while ATP binding and hydrolysis by PilB are essential for T4P retraction. Thus, PilB and PilT act at distinct steps in the T4P extension/retraction cycle (Jakovljevic et al., 2008).
PilABCDEQTU-FimTU of Pseudomonas aeruginosa

α-helical pore-forming toxin-coregulated pilus biosynthesis protein E, TcpE, of 340aas and 3TMSs with an internal repeat (Kolappan and Craig 2013).

TcpE of Vibrio cholerae (P0C6C9)

The Legionella secretion pathway (Lsp)/fimbrial assembly system, LspC-M (required for survival and replication in the host cell; Hales and Shuman, 1999; Rossier et al., 2004; De Buck et al., 2007)

The LspC-M system of Legionella pneumophila:
Prepilin peptidase, PilD (287aas; O68433)
Type IV pseudopilin, LspF (126aas; Q9XD72)
Type IV pseudopilin, LspG (140aas; Q9XD71)
Type IV pseudopilin, LspH (161aas; Q9XD70)
Type IV pseudopilin, LspI (125aas; Q9XD69)
Type IV pseudopilin, LspJ (205aas; Q9XD68)
Type IV pseudopilin, LspK (322aas; Q9XD67)
Outer membrane secretin, LspD (730aas; Q9AGM8)
ATPase, LspE (494aas;Q9AGM7)
Conserved IISP protein, LspC (169aas; Q5ZX38)
Conserved IISP protein, LspL (379aas; Q5ZUD0)
Conserved IISP protein, LspM (156aas; Q5ZUC9)

The Leptospiral type II protein secretion system (Gsp)/fimbrial assembly system, PilD/GspCDEFGHIJKLM (Buyuktimkin and Saier 2015).

PilD/GspCDEFGHIJKLM of Leptospira interrogans