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The α-neurotoxin BmK-MI precursor/x-ray structure known to 1.4 Å (Guan et al., 2004) (α-subfamily)

Accession Number:P45697
Protein Name:BmK I aka BmK-M1
Molecular Weight:9496.00
Species:Mesobuthus martensii (Manchurian scorpion) (Buthus martensii) [34649]
Location1 / Topology2 / Orientation3: Secreted1
Substrate NONE

Cross database links:

Pfam: PF00537   

Gene Ontology

GO:0005576 C:extracellular region
GO:0019871 F:sodium channel inhibitor activity
GO:0006952 P:defense response
GO:0009405 P:pathogenesis

References (10)

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