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9.B.109 The Putative Archaeal 2 TMS Holin (A2-Hol) Family

The archaeon, Candidatus Nitrosoarchaeum limnia, encodes adjacent genes designated Toxin Secretion/Lysis Holin.  The 'toxin' gene encodes a soluble protein of 325 aas stated as belonging to the 'Glycosyltransferase GBT-type Superfamily'.  This protein brings up other glycosyltransferases in NCBI BLAST searches. The adjacent gene encodes as small protein of 132 aas and 2 TMSs that could be a holin, based on its size and topology.  This protein has the UniProt accession number of S2E3C4 and has been assigned TC# 9.B.109.1.1.  Paralogues are found in this same organism and other closely related species.