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9.B.252.  The Uncharacterized Protein from Unculturable Bacteria-6 (UPUB6) Family

The proteins in this familyl are of 190 - 250 aas in length, and they have at least 5 TMSs, but some have more. They are all from uncultured bacteria and are very diverse in sequence.  Some members of the family are labled as prepilin peptidases and show very significant sequence similarity with such peptidases in families 1.A.54, 3.A.11, 3.A.15 and 9.B.220, all members of the CAAX protease superfamily in TCDB.  This family is therefore likely to be a member of this superfamily, but this has not yet been established (M. Saier, unpublished observations)

This family belongs to the: CAAX Superfamily.