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9.B.99 The MipA-interacting Protein (MipA) Family

The MipA family is a large family of outer membrane proteins called OmpV. MltA is designated as a lytic transglycosylase, and MipA may be a scaffolding protein in E. coli (Vollmer et al., 1999). Synthesis of the E. coli MipA is suppressed by glucose (Yang et al., 2011). It is related to the DUF2141 family. One member, YiaT of E. coli, has been considered to be a porin (Vinson et al., 2010). It may have ~10 TM β-strands, and may be a member of the large OMPP Superfamily 1. Evidence for this is as follows:  TC Blast searches with various members of the MipA family bring up members of the OMPP superfamily with low scores, but usually not proteins outside of this superfamily with similar scores.  Also, one of the proteins (TC# 9.B.99.1.3) hits 1.B.39.1.9 (a known member of the OMPP superfamily (Reddy and Saier 2016) with a score of e-6 (with filters, e-5) for centrally located 120 aa length segments in corresponding portions of the two proteins (residues 78 and 39 to residues 245 and 216, respectively).  These observations strengthen the possibility that MipA family proteins are porins of the OMPP superfamily.