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Conotoxin Superfamily

Conotoxin precursors are numerous and divergent in sequence, but they usually have 60 - 120 aas with an N-terminal TMS. They are processed to the active toxin that targets a variety of channels and receptors (SD Robinson and RS Norton, Mar. Drugs 2014, 12, 6058-6101. This Superfamily may be related to the Defensin and Huwentoxin Superfamilies.

8.B.10 - The Psalmotoxin-1 (PcTx1) Family
8.B.20 - The Australian Scorpion Toxin (Liotoxin) Family
8.B.22 - The P-Conotoxin Cystine Knot (P-CCK) Family
8.B.28 - The Mu-Conotoxin (Mu-Conotoxin) Family
8.B.32 - The Nicotinic AcetylCholine Receptor-targeting Alpha-Conotoxin (A-Conotoxin) Family
8.B.34 - The Sigma-Conotoxin (Sigma-Conotoxin) Family
8.B.36 - The Contulakin Lt (Contulakin Lt) Family
8.B.40 - The Conotoxin Con-ikot-ikot/Conopressin/Conophysin/Conodipine (CCCC) Family