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Phage Portal Protein (PPP) Superfamily

Phage portal proteins are found in phage, bacteria and archaea, and are usually about 500 aas +/-100 aas, but smaller and larger members are known. The 3-D structures of several have been solved, and these proteins all have the same fold.

1.W.1 - The Phage Portal Protein 1 (PPP1) Family
1.W.2 - The Phage Portal Protein 2 (PPP2) Family
1.W.3 - The Phage Portal Protein 3 (PPP3) Family
1.W.5 - The (Lambda) Phage Portal Protein 5 (PPP5) Family
1.W.7 - The (Bacillus Phage SPP1) Portal Protein 7 (PPP7) Family
1.W.8 - The (Enterobacterial phage T4) Portal Protein 8 (PPP8) Family
1.W.9 - The (Eschericha coli Mu) Phage Portal Portein 9 (PPP9) Family
1.W.10 - The (Enterobacterial Phage T7) Portal Protein 10 (PPP10) Family