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Transporter-Opsin-G protein-coupled receptor (TOG) Superfamily

Yee, D.C., M.A. Shlykov, A. Västermark, V.S. Reddy, S. Arora, E.I. Sun, and M.H. Saier, Jr. (2013). The transporter-opsin-G protein-coupled receptor (TOG) superfamily. FEBS J. 280: 5780-5800.

1.A.14 - The Calcium Transporter A (CaTA) (formerly the Testis-Enhanced Gene Transfer (TEGT) Family
1.A.26 - The Mg2+ Transporter-E (MgtE) Family
1.A.76 - The Magnesium Transporter1 (MagT1) Family
2.A.43 - The Lysosomal Cystine Transporter (LCT) Family
2.A.52 - The Ni2+-Co2+ Transporter (NiCoT) Family
2.A.58 - The Phosphate:Na+ Symporter (PNaS) Family
2.A.82 - The Organic Solute Transporter (OST) Family
2.A.102 - The 4-Toluene Sulfonate Uptake Permease (TSUP) Family
2.A.112 - The KX Blood-group Antigen (KXA) Family
2.A.123 - The Sweet; PQ-loop; Saliva; MtN3 (Sweet) Family
3.E.1 - The Ion-translocating Microbial Rhodopsin (MR) Family
4.B.1 - The Nicotinamide Ribonucleoside (NR) Uptake Permease (PnuC) Family
9.A.14 - The G-protein-coupled receptor (GPCR) Family
9.B.45 - The Fungal Mating-type Pheromone Receptor (MAT-PR) Family
9.B.191 - The Endoplasmic Reticulum Retention Receptor (KDELR) Family