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CAAX Superfamily

The CAAX Superfamily has been described: PMID: 21570408, Members of this family include proteases in families 1.A.54, 3.A.11 and 3.A.15.

9.B.1 - The Integral Membrane CAAX Protease (CAAX Protease) Family
9.B.2 - The Integral Membrane CAAX Protease-2 (CAAX Protease2) Family
9.B.217 - The Transmembrane PrsW Protease (PrsW) Family
9.B.218 - The DUF2324 Family of Putative Integral Membrane Metaloproteases (IMMP) Family
9.B.220 - The CAAX Protease Self-Immunity (CAAX-PSI) Family
9.B.252 - The Uncharacterized Protein from Unculturable Bacteria-6 (UPUB6) Family