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Heme-binding YedZ (YedZ) Superfamily

YedZ is a heme-binding protein domain found in many proteins in various families in TCDB. Members of the YedZ family (TC# 9.B.7) often contain only a YedZ domain, but an MFS putative iron transporter (TC# 2.A.1.43.2), a bacterial ferric reductase (TC# 5.A.1.6.4), a human ferric reductase (TC# 5.B.6.1.1), a sulfoxide reductase (TC# 5.B.7.1.1, and a putative sulfite oxidase (TC# 5.B.7.2.1) all contain YedZ domains, usually as a C-terminal domain. 6 TMS YedZ domains arose by triplication of a 2 TMS precursor peptide (T.von Rozycki et al., 2004,The YedZ Family, JMMB, 8, 129-140).

5.B.7 - The YedZ (YedZ) Family