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Protein Kinase (PK) Superfamily

Protein kinase domains are sometimes found in transport proteins. These include TC#s 1.A.87.2.1-6, i.E.43.3.3, 1.I.1.1.3, 1.A.105.1.1, 1.I.1.1.3 (with four such proteins in this system), 8.A.23.1.7, 8.A.104.1. 9.A.15.1.1, 9.B.45.1.3 and 9.B.106.3.1-3. Some of these proteins have channel/transport domains distinct from the kinase domains.

1.E.43 - The Putative Transglycosylase-associated Holin (T-A Hol) Family
8.A.104 - The 5'-AMP-activated protein kinase (AMPK) Family
9.A.15 - The Autophagy-related Phagophore-formation Transporter (APT) Family
9.B.106 - The Pock Size-determining Protein (PSDP) Family