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Calmodulin/Calcineurin/KChIP Superfamily

This superfamily includes Calcium binding domains and proteins of about 220 aas. Many proteins in the Phox family (5.B.1) have N-terminal domains of about 220 aas that are homologous to the members of the calmodulin family (TC# 8.A.82). Other proteins bearing this domain include Mitochondrial Carriers (TC# 2.A.29.23.1, 8 and 9) and the Programmed Cell Death 8 protein (O75340; TC# 3.A.5.9.1).

5.B.1 - The Phagocyte (gp91phox) NADPH Oxidase Family
8.A.82 - The Calmodulin Calcium Binding Protein (Calmodulin) Family