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CorC/HlyC Domain Family

This domain is found in all members of the haemolysin C Family (HlyC; TC# 1.C.126) and the Magnesium ion/Cobalt ion CorB/CorC Family (currently TC# 1.A.112, but they may be active transporters). They are also found in some members of the CLC Family (2.A.49), the TerC Family (TC# 2.A.109) and the Peptidase M50 Family (9.B.149).

1.A.112 - The CorC Family of Putative Transporters
1.C.126 - The HlyC HlyC) Family of Haemolysins
2.A.49 - The Chloride Carrier/Channel (ClC) Family
2.A.109 - The Tellurium Ion Resistance (TerC) Family
9.B.149 - The M50 Peptidase (M50-P) Family