2.A.52 The Ni2+-Co2+ Transporter (NiCoT) Family

Currently sequenced proteins of the NiCoT family are found in Gram-negative and Gram-positive bacteria as well as archaea and eukaryotes. The functionally best characterized members of the family catalyze uptake of Ni2+ and/or Co2+ in a proton motive force-dependent process. These proteins vary in size from 301 to 381 amino acyl residues and possess 7 or 8 TMSs. Topological analyses with the HoxN Ni2+ transporter of Ralstonia eutropha (Alcaligenes eutrophus) suggest that it possesses 8 TMSs with its N- and C-termini in the cytoplasm. The Co2+ (Ni2+) transporter of Rhodococcus rhodochrous, NhlF, exhibits eight putative TMSs, and eight apparent TMSs are revealed by a hydropathy analysis of the multiple alignment of the NiCoT family protein sequences. An HX4DH sequence in helix 2 of the HoxN protein has been implicated in Ni2+ binding, and both helix 1 and helix 2 which interact spatially, form the selectivity filter (Degan and Eitinger, 2002). In the H. pylori NixA homologue, several conserved motifs have been shown to be important for Ni2+ binding and transport (Wolfram and Bauerfeind, 2002).

The overall reaction catalyzed by the proteins of the NiCoT family is:

[Ni2+ or Co2+] (out) [Ni2+ or Co2+] (in)

This family belongs to the Transporter-Opsin-G protein-coupled receptor (TOG) Superfamily.



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TC#NameOrganismal TypeExample

High affinity Ni2+-specific transporter, HoxN (Hebbeln and Eitinger 2004).


HoxN of Ralstonia eutropha


Co2+ transporter, NhlF (also transports Ni2+ with low affinity) (Hebbeln and Eitinger 2004).


NhlF of Rhodococcus rhodochrous


Ni2+ -specific transporter, Nic1p (Eitinger et al. 2000).


Nic1p of Schizosaccharomyces pombe


High affinity Ni2+ uptake porter, NixA.  Transcription is regulated by NixR (Wolfram et al. 2006).


NixA of Helicobacter pylori


NisA of 350 aas and 8 TMSs (Hebbeln and Eitinger 2004; Deng et al. 2013).


NisA of Staphylococcus aureus


HupN of 381 aas and 8 TMSs (Hebbeln and Eitinger 2004; Deng et al. 2013).


HupN of Brandyrhizobium japonicum


NicT of 372 aas and 8 TMSs.


NicT of Mycobacterium tuberculosis


Putative high affinity nickel ion uptake transporter of 413 aas and 8 TMSs


Nickel transporter of Neurospora crassa


NicO homologue of 363 aas and 6 TMSs


NicO of Emailiania huxleyi


TC#NameOrganismal TypeExample

Putative Ni2+/Co2+ uptake transporter of 277 aas and 7 TMSs.


Nickel/cobalt transporter of Leptospirillum ferroxidans


Putative Ni2+/Co2+ transporter of 269 aas and 7 TMSs.


Nickel/cobalt transporter of Dechloromonas aromatica


Putative Ni2+/Co2+ uptake porter of 220 aas and 6 TMSs.


Nickel/cobalt porter of Thermus thermophilus


Putative nickel/cobalt porter of 227 aas and 6 TMSs


Ni2+ porter of Deinococcus deserti


Putative transporter of 274 aas and 6 TMSs.


Transporter of Chitinophaga pinensis


NiCoT homologue of 224 aas and 6 TMSs.


NiCoT family member of Gloeobacter violaceus


TC#NameOrganismal TypeExample

TC#NameOrganismal TypeExample