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Substrate Explorer
Description: Substrate Explorer - Locate transporters by chemical name or chemical class
  • - Search a compound name. You may see multiple synonyms with identical CHEBI IDs. By selecting one, you automatically are selecting all synonomous compounds that share that ID.
  • - After selecting, a pop-up window will appear. You can either select the compound you clicked (by clicking the blue button). Or you can select its more general parent compound, or a more specific child compound..
  • - After you made your selection, your compound will appear in the right panel. You may add more compounds to your query, and they will appear here. You can also remove them.
  • - Once your query is ready, click the blue "Search Substrate" button at the top of the right panel.

  • For a detailed step-by-step example and explanation on how to run a query, please follow our Substrate Search Tool tutorial.