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The FlhA flagellar biosyththesis energizer Na+ channel of 692 aas and 8 TMSs.  Evidence for the Na+ channel activity of FlhA has been presented (Minamino et al. 2016). FlhA and FlhB are transmembrane proteins of the flagellar type III protein export apparatus (TC# 3.A.6), and their C-terminal cytoplasmic domains (FlhAC and FlhBC) coordinate flagellar protein export with assembly. Their  (Minamino et al. 2020). FliK-driven conformational rearrangements of FlhA and FlhB are required for export switching of the flagellar protein export apparatus (Minamino et al. 2020).

FlhA of E. coli

Flagellar biosynthesis protein FlhA of 728 aas and 8 TMSs in a 4 + 4 TMS arrangement..

PVC group
FlhA of Spartobacteria bacterium