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1.D.111.  The Pore-forming Calix[6]arene (CX6) Family  

Calix[6]arene (CX6) forms an efficient ion transmembrane channel, which can be blocked by methylene blue (MB) through host-guest interactions. The blocked CX6 channel could be reopened by addition of 4-sulfonated calix[6]arene, owing to its stronger affinity with MB, thereby achieving a reversible ON-OFF-ON type switch (Hu et al. 2019).

References associated with 1.D.111 family:

Hu, X., , N. Liu, , H. Yang, , F. Wu, , X. Chen, , C. Li, , and X. Chen,. (2019). A reversible ion transportation switch of ON-OFF-ON type by a ligand-gated calix[6]arene channel. Chem Commun (Camb) 55: 3008-3011. 30785156