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1.D.145.  The TiO2 Nanochannel (TiO2-NC) Family 

The level of hydrogen sulfide in the brain and vasculature is associated with human health and diseases. Hence, simple and robust analytical tools allowing determination of hydrogen sulfide levels are highly desirable. A biomineralization-driven ion gate in TiO2 nanochannel arrays for H2S sensing was designed and developed (Guo et al. 2019). The formed CuS precipitation decreased the transmembrane current in the presence of bovine serum albumin used as biological mineralizer. A label-free assay for sensing intracellular S2- was achieved based on changes in ionic current with a detection limit of 56 MCF-7 cells. The sensing strategy was promising for reusable application through dissolution of CuS in an acidic media (pH = 1) (Guo et al. 2019).

References associated with 1.D.145 family:

Guo, J., L. Yang, H. Xu, C. Zhao, Z. Dai, Z. Gao, and Y. Song. (2019). Biomineralization-Driven Ion Gate in TiO Nanochannel Arrays for Cell HS Sensing. Anal Chem 91: 13746-13751. 31559823