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1.D.191.  The Engineered Holin-based Nanopore (EHN) Family

Nanopores have been engineered by recombining the transmembrane module of the S2168 holin with different ring-shaped oligomeric protein structures that feature defined hexa-, hepta-, and octameric geometries. Library screening highlighted substantial plasticity in the ability of the S2168 transmembrane module to oligomerize in alternative geometries, while the functional properties of the resultant nanopores could be fine-tuned through the identity of the connecting linkers (Weber et al. 2022).

References associated with 1.D.191 family:

Weber, W., M. Roeder, T. Probanowski, J. Yang, H. Abujubara, H. Koeppl, A. Tietze, and V. Stein. (2022). Functional Nanopore Screen: A Versatile High-Throughput Assay to Study and Engineer Protein Nanopores in. ACS Synth Biol 11: 2070-2079. 35604782