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1.D.228.  The Self-assembled Water-transporting Peptide-bound Ni2+ Metallomacrocycle (SWP-NM) Family 

Self-assembled peptide-bound Ni2+ metallomacrocycles, in which rim-peptide-bound units are connected to a central macrocycle obtained via condensation in the presence of Ni2+ ions have been constructed (Huang et al. 2023). Compound 1 (see below)  achieves a single-channel permeability up to 107-108 water molecules/channel with insignificant ion transport at rates that are about one order of magnitude lower than those for aquaporins. Molecular simulations suggest that spongelike aggregates can form to generate transient cluster water pathways through the bilayer. Altogether, adaptive metallosupramolecular self-assembly is an efficient and simple way to construct selective channel superstructures (Huang et al. 2023).

References associated with 1.D.228 family:

Huang, L.B., F. Mamiya, M. Baaden, E. Yashima, and M. Barboiu. (2023). Self-Assembling Peptide-Appended Metallomacrocycle Pores for Selective Water Translocation. ACS Appl Mater Interfaces 15: 40133-40139. 37566758