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1.D.84.  The Aromatic Helical Origomeric Channel (AHOC) Family 

Chao et al. 2017 synthesized aromatic helical oligomeric compounds that selectively bind K+ over Na+. By aromatic stacking of helical oligomers, artificial K+ channels with contiguous K+ binding sites were constructed. These artificial channels exhibited exceptionally high K+/Na+ selectivity ratios during transmembrane ion conduction.

References associated with 1.D.84 family:

Chao, L., X. Deng, W. Wang, S. Qi, X. Zhang, C. Zhang, F. Yang, B. Yang, Z. Dong, and J. Liu. (2017). Highly Selective Artificial Potassium Ion Channels Constructed from Pore-Containing Helical Oligomers. Angew Chem Int Ed Engl. [Epub: Ahead of Print] 28782278