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1.M.13.  The Putative Phage Spanin 13 (PPS13) Family

This family was previously given the TC#s 1.M.3.1.9 - 19.  They are now given TC#s 1.M.13.1.1 -11. Subfamily 1.M.13.2 has been added which is distantly related to 1.M.13.1 and may be related to family 1.M.1. 

This family belongs to the: Spanin .

References associated with 1.M.13 family:

Rodea M, G.E., E. González-Villalobos, M.D.R. Espinoza-Mellado, U. Hernández-Chiñas, C.A. Eslava-Campos, J.L. Balcázar, and J. Molina-López. (2024). Genomic analysis of a novel phage vB_SenS_ST1UNAM with lytic activity against Salmonella enterica serotypes. Diagn Microbiol Infect Dis 109: 116305. 38643675