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1.M.7. The Phage Mu Spanin (Spanin7) Family 

Spanins are components of spanin complexes that disrupts the host outer membrane and causes cell lysis during virus exit. The spanin complex conducts the final step in host lysis by disrupting the outer membrane after holin and endolysin action have permeabilized the inner membrane and degraded the host peptidoglycan.  The phage Mu spanins were characterized by Chamblee et al. 2022.

This family belongs to the: Spanin .

References associated with 1.M.7 family:

Chamblee, J.S., J. Ramsey, Y. Chen, L.T. Maddox, C. Ross, K.H. To, J.L. Cahill, and R. Young. (2022). Endolysin Regulation in Phage Mu Lysis. mBio 13: e0081322. 35471081