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The SV40 ER membrane penitration complex involving the DnaJ-B12 protein of 375 aas and 1 TMS or the transmembrane J-protein B14 as well as Erlin1 (SPFH1; 346 aas and 1 TMS) and Erlin2 (SPFH2; 339 aas and 1 TMS) (Inoue and Tsai 2017). Kinesin-1 (KIF5B or KNS1) may serve as the motor (Ravindran et al. 2017).  See family description for details.

Metazoa, Chordata
The SV40 penitration complex
DnaJ-B12 (Q9NXW2)
Erlin1 (O75477)
Erlin2 (O94905)
Transmembrane DnaJ-protein B14 (Q8TBM8)
Kinesin-1 (P33176)