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The Intraflagellar transporter (IFT) multiprotein complex. WD repeat-containing protein 35 of 1181 aas and possibly as many as 7 or 8 TMSs. It is a component of the IFT complex A (IFT-A), a complex required for retrograde ciliary transport and entry into cilia of G protein-coupled receptors (GPCRs). It is thus involved in ciliogenesis and ciliary protein trafficking (Takahara et al. 2018) (see the family description). Many other proteins play a role as constituents of the IFT complex, and some of these (but not all of them) are listed under this TC# (Lechtreck 2022).

Metazoa, Chordata
IFT complex of Homo sapiens
WD repeat protein 35 of 1181 aas, Q9P2L0
IFT dynein (part of the motor) of 1066 aas, Q8WVS4
IFT kinesin-2, IFT88, 824 aas, Q13099
IFT25/27 adaptor, 186 aas, (adaptor for cargo BBSome), Q9BW83
IFT56, 554 aas (adaptor for cargo IDA3), A0AVF1
IFT46, 304 aas (adaptor for cargo ODA16), Q9NQC8
IFT81, 676 aas (adaptor for cargo alpha), Q8WYA0
IFT74, 600 aas (adaptor for cargo beta), Q96LB3
IFT122, 1241 aas (adaptor for cargo TULP3), Q9HBG6

The sensory ciliary function underlying hearing in the adult fly requires an active maintenance program which involves DmIFT88 and at least two of its signalling transmembrane cargoes, DmGucy2d and Inactive.

Metazoa, Arthropoda
Complex of three proteins of Drosophila melanogaster