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2.A.107 The MntP Mn2+ exporter (MntP) Family

The MntP (YebN) family (SwissProt family UPF0059) is a small family of prokaryotic (bacterial and archaeal) proteins of about 200 residues with 6 putative TMSs. CDD recognized two DUF204 repeats, each repeat having 3 TMSs. One member of the family has been shown to export manganese ions (Waters et al. 2011).

This family belongs to the: LysE Superfamily.

References associated with 2.A.107 family:

Waters, L.S., M. Sandoval, and G. Storz. (2011). The Escherichia coli MntR miniregulon includes genes encoding a small protein and an efflux pump required for manganese homeostasis. J. Bacteriol. 193: 5887-5897. 21908668