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18 component system: The Type IV (Conjugal DNA-Protein Transfer or VirB) Secretory Pathway (IVSP) Family

Q7CMB1 pXO2-16
Q7CMF7 pXO1-79
Q7CMG5 pXO1-67
Q7CMG6 pXO1-66
Q7CMG7 pXO1-64
Q7CMG9 pXO1-60
Q7CMH0 pXO1-59
Q7CMH3 pXO1-77
Q81WB0 BA4072
Q8KYN8 pXO1-63
Q8KYN9 pXO1-61
Q8KYP0 pXO1-58
Q8KYP9 pXO1-68
Q8KYQ0 pXO1-42
Q8R8B3 pXO1-78
Q9RN08 pXO2-23/24
Q9RN17 pXO2-15
Q9RN22 pXO2-10