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Chloroplast envelope protein translocase (CEPT); outer membrane complex. The Tic20-like protein (acc # AUO68237.1; 413 aas, 6 TMSs in a 1 TMS (N-terminal) + 5 TMSs (C-terminal)), of the lower brown alga, Saccharina japonica, has been characterized (Chen et al. 2019).

Viridiplantae, Streptophyta
The Toc (Translocase of the outer chloroplast membrane) complex of Pisum sativum (pea)
Toc75 (IAP75; OEP75) (16 β-strand porin) (O43715);
Toc(IAP)34/36 (receptor, GTP-binding protein and preprotein-activated GTPase);
Toc(IAP)86/159 (major import receptor; GTP-binding protein);
Toc(IAP)64 (surface docking protein) The Tic (Translocase of the inner chloroplast membrane) complex of Pisum sativum
Tic110 (IAP100; IEP110) (recognizes preproteins; the probable channel; the C-terminal 700 residues form β-stranded cation-selective channels) (O24303);
Tic22 (peripheral intermembrane protein);
Tic20 (integral membrane protein);
Tic55 (possible redox sensor)
Tic62 (possible redox sensor)
Tic40 (stromal chaperone protein recruiter)
hsp70 (stromal ATPase chaperone)
OEP80 (P0C891) 

The chloroplast envelope TIC translocase (TIC) complex. Tic21, Tic20-I, Tic214, Tic100 and Tic56 plus Toc components comprise a 1 Md complex in the membrane with each component being present in stoichiometric amounts (Teng et al. 2006; Kikuchi et al. 2013).  A 1-megadalton complex consisting of Tic21, Tic20, Tic56, Tic100, and Tic214 has been identified in the chloroplast inner membrane (Nakai 2015).

Viridiplantae, Streptophyta
The Tic complex of Arabidopsis thaliana
Tic214 (Ycf1) (1,786aas; 6 N-terminal TMSs) (P56785)
Tic100 (871aas) (Q8LPR8)
Tic56 (527aas) (Q7Y1Z4)
Tic20-I (274aas; 5 TMSs) (Q8GZ79)
Tic21 (296 aas; 4 TMSs) (Q9SHU7)
Tic40 (447aas) (Q9FMD5)
Tic110 (1,061aas; 2 TMSs) (Q8LPR9)
TicLTD (175aas) (GDC1) (Q8VY88)
ClpC1 Chloroplastic chaperone (929aas) (Q9FI56)
ClpC2 Chloroplastic chaperone (952aas) (Q9SXJ7)