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Extracellular electron transfer chain, (EET) possibly consisting of an 8 protein system, all constituents of which are encoded within a single gene cluster (Light et al. 2018). Some of these proteins may serve as auxiliary proteins rather than direct electron transfer proteins. One such protein is AbpE (i.e., Q8XQC0; DUF2271) which posttranslationally flavinylates EET proteins (Méheust et al. 2021). Flavin transferases catalyze the transfer of the FMN moiety of FAD to the hydroxyl group of a threonine residue in a target flavoprotein. See family description for more details.

ETT of Listeria monocytogenes
FmnA, 266 aas and 6 TMSs;
DmkA, 319 aas and 9 TMSs, Q8Y438 (hits ABC-type porters)
FmnB, 360 aas and 1 N-terminal TMS, (an FAD:protein FMM transferase), Q8Y437
PplA, 299 aas and 1 N-erminal TMS, Q8Y436
Ndh2, 628 aas and 4-6 TMSs, Q8Y435
EetA, 144 aas and 1 N-terminal TMSs, Q8Y434
EetB, 180 aas and 5 TMSs, Q927J9 (hits 2.A.87.3.1 with 35% identity)
DmkB, 326 aas and 3 putative TMSs, Q8Y433