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8.A.119.  The Potassium Channel Regulatory Protein Sup-10 (Sup-10) Family 

The proteins within this family seem to have multiple functions.  One of these is to coordinate muscle contraction as a regulatory subunit of nonessential potassium channel complexes such as the Sup-9 K+ channel of C. elegans (TC# 1.A.1.9.7).  It also forms a complex with MFS protein Unc-93 which may also play a regulatory role in this complex (de la Cruz et al. 2003).

References associated with 8.A.119 family:

de la Cruz, I.P., J.Z. Levin, C. Cummins, P. Anderson, and H.R. Horvitz. (2003). sup-9, sup-10, and unc-93 may encode components of a two-pore K+ channel that coordinates muscle contraction in Caenorhabditis elegans. J. Neurosci. 23: 9133-9145. 14534247