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8.A.179.  The Novel Acetylcholine Receptor Chaperone (NACHO) Family

NACHO (TMEM35A) is a molecular chaperone that mediates the proper assembly and functional expression of nicotinic acetylcholine receptors (nAChRs) throughout the brain (Gu et al. 2016, Rex et al. 2017, Kweon et al. 2020). It is essential for the proper folding, assembly, function and surface trafficking of alpha-7 (CHRNA7), alpha-4-beta-2, alpha-3-beta-2 and alpha-3-beta-4 receptors (Gu et al. 2016, , Matta et al. 2017, Deshpande et al. 2020, Kweon et al. 2020). It  stably associates with ribophorin-1 (RPN1) and ribophorin-2 (RPN2) (components of the oligosaccharyl transferase (OST) complex; TC# 9.B.142.3.17) and with calnexin (CANX; TC# 8.A.165), all of which are critical for NACHO-mediated effects on CHRNA7 assembly and function. NACHO facilitates the proper folding and assembly of alpha-6-beta-2 and alpha-6-beta-2-beta-3 receptors and acts at early stages of the nAChRs subunit assembly (Matta et al. 2017). It promotes the expression of the alpha-42:beta-23 stoichiometric form over the alpha-43:beta-22 form (Mazzaferro et al. 2021).




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