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8.A.219.  The Proline-rich Anti-Microbial Peptide (PrAMP) Family

Amoung the PrAMPs are a natural peptide, Oncocin of 19 aas (Oncocin, chain 1z; 4Z8C_1z).  In addition to being an antimicrobial peptide that interacts with the ribosome, it also seems to interact with the membrane to enhance the effectiveness of MDR transporters, giving rise to enhanced drug resistance (Peng et al. 2018). A derivative with the same N-terminal sequence is named OM19r and has the sequence:  VDKPPYPRPRPIR(R)PGG(R)-NH2 (Cui et al. 2023). These peptides have been studied in some detail and seem to act synergistically to enhance drug resistance (Schmidt et al. 2016).

References associated with 8.A.219 family:

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