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8.A.230.  The Tmem72 (Tmem72) Family 

Transmembrane protein 72 (TMEM72) is involved in normal kidney development and tumorigenesis in renal cell carcinoma, but its function is not known.   TMEM72 has four N-terminal TMSs and a long C-terminal tail. TMEM72 is localized to the plasma membrane but not the outer mitochondrial membrane. The TMSs are needed for proper protein folding or assembly, but the C-terminal region of TMEM72 is necessary for protein transport (Ding et al. 2023). In fact, the proximal C-terminal region is responsible for anterograde protein transport.  KRKKRKAAPEVLA, which corresponds to amino acid positions 132-144 in TMEM72, participates in efficient cellular transport. The motifs 132KRKKRK137 and 139APEVLA144 are associated with COPII and are considered to cooperate with membrane trafficking. Because efficient membrane trafficking is crucial for cells to maintain normal function, these data may contribute to elucidating the pathogenesis of membrane trafficking-associated diseases.

References associated with 8.A.230 family:

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