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8.B.40.  The Conotoxin (Con-ikot-ikot/Conopressin/Conophysin/Conokunitzin/ConoCAP) (CCCCC) Family

  The precursor proteins of this family mostly consist of large conotoxins of ~ 125 aas with an N-terminal TMS. They have been named as noted in the title of the paper by Robinson and Norton 2014. Conus snail polypeptides cause excitotoxicity by blocking desensitization of AMPA receptors (Walker et al. 2009). 9.3 KDa components of the injected venom of Conus purpurascens define a new five-disulfide conotoxin framework (Möller and Marí 2011). There are many conotoxins (Sudewi et al. 2019; Zamora-Bustillos et al. 2021).

This family belongs to the: Conotoxin Superfamily.

References associated with 8.B.40 family:

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