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9.B.2 The Integral Membrane CAAX Protease-2 (CAAX Protease2) Family

The CAAX Protease2 family includes members that are similar in many ways to the CAAX protease family (9.B.1), but the sequence divergence is extensive. The latter proteins do not bring up members of the former family in PSI-BLAST searches, and vise versa. These proteins bring up 3.A.1.115.2 (NatB, the membrane constituent of the Na exporting ABC system, NatAB) and 3.A.1.110.1 (MceF, with 7 TMSs that may be a CAAX protease and not part of the transporter). These proteins may have a 2 2 2 topology.

This family belongs to the: CAAX Superfamily.

References associated with 9.B.2 family:

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