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9.B.218.  The DUF2324 (YhfC) Family of Putative Integral Membrane Metaloproteases (IMMP) Family 

The IMMP family (DUF2324) has been shown to be a member of a superfamily of integral membrane proteases (Pei et al. 2011).  On this basis, we propose the function of this family of proteins to be the same as other members of the proposed superfamily.

This family belongs to the: CAAX Superfamily.

References associated with 9.B.218 family:

Pei, J., D.A. Mitchell, J.E. Dixon, and N.V. Grishin. (2011). Expansion of type II CAAX proteases reveals evolutionary origin of γ-secretase subunit APH-1. J. Mol. Biol. 410: 18-26. 21570408