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9.B.233.  The Mitosomal β-Barrel Outer Membrane Protein of 30 kDa (MBOMP30) Family

Entamoeba possess a highly divergent mitochondrion-related organelle known as the mitosome. Santos et al. 2015 described the Mitosomal β-barrel Outer Membrane Protein of 30 kDa (MBOMP30). MBOMP30 has a predominant β-sheet structure with 8 or 10 predicted β-strands. Localization to Entamoeba histolytica mitosomal outer membranes was demonstrated. The deletion of the putative C-terminal β-signal, a sequence believed to guide β-barrel outer membrane protein (BOMP) assembly, did not affect membrane integration but abolished the formation of a ~240 kDa complex. MBOMP30 represents the seventh subclass of eukaryotic BOMPs discovered as of 2015 and lacks detectable homologs outside Entamoeba.

References associated with 9.B.233 family:

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