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9.B.285.  The 4 TMS Phage Infection Protein (possibly involved in LPS export) (4PIP) Family 

This is the DUF4345 family, members of which probably all have 4 TMSs, although several members are predicted to have 3 TMSs, where the central two TMSs of the 4 TMS proteins are predicted to be one TMS.  The family is quite large with numerous members from a wide variety of bacteria.  One of them, (9.B.285.1.1) been shown to be essential for phage infection in Agrobacterium, and it may play a role in LPS biosynthesis or export (Gonzalez et al. 2018).

References associated with 9.B.285 family:

Gonzalez, F., R.F. Helm, K.M. Broadway, and B.E. Scharf. (2018). More than rotating flagella: LPS as a secondary receptor for flagellotropic phage 7-7-1. J. Bacteriol. [Epub: Ahead of Print] 30012730