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9.B.33 The Sensor Histidine Kinase (SHK) Family

The SHK family is a coherent group of proteins of similar structure with the N-terminal hydrophobic 'transporter' domain linked to a C-terminal hydrophilic SHK domain (Mansour et al., 2007). The N-terminal 5 TMS 'transporter' or 'receptor' domain has not been shown to have transport activity.

This family belongs to the: BART Superfamily.

References associated with 9.B.33 family:

Mansour, N.M., M. Sawhney, D.G. Tamang, C. Vogl, and M.H. Saier, Jr. (2007). The bile/arsenite/riboflavin transporter (BART) superfamily. FEBS J. 274: 612-629. 17288550