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9.B.54 The Archaeal/Bacterial 4 TMS Putative DMT (AB-4DMT) Family

The AB-4DMT family includes many small proteins, all of which have 4 TMSs per polypeptide chain.  Homology with SMR-like proteins has been considered but not established.  Additional bacterial homologues may be found in the B-4DMT Family (TC# 9.B.148).  This 4 TMS domain may also be found at the N-terminus of a putative archaeal chloride channel, CLC (TC# 2.A.49.6.4). While homology with the DMT superfamily is not established, it appears that families 9.B.54, 9.B.106, and 9.B.148, all containing 4 TMS members, may be homologous.