1.D.36 The Oligobornene Ion Channel (Oligobornene) Family 

Trimeric oligonorbornenes with hammock-like crown ether pendants 3 b and 3 c were impregnated in egg yolk phosphatidylcholine liposomesand proved to function as artificial ion channels. Oligomer 3 c, having a polar hydroxy end group, exhibited the highest sodium ion transport efficiency. The orientation of the crown ether moieties in these oligomers may be critical for ion transport (Lin et al. 2013).



Lin NT., Xie CY., Huang SL., Chen CH. and Luh TY. (2013). Oligonorbornenes with hammock-like crown ether pendants as artificial transmembrane ion channel. Chem Asian J. 8(7):1436-40.